Benefits at Work


Terms of use

1. Disclaimer

1.1 These conditions for use apply to the use of the employee offer presentation platform (‘the presentation platform’) by the employees of the company (‘the employees’).
1.2 Use of the platform for employee presentation benefits is subject to your acceptance of these conditions for use. By registering and logging on to the presentation platform, the employee indicates that he/she agrees to be bound by all provisions and terms of these conditions for use.
1.3 The use of the presentation platform is free of charge.

2. Access to and use of the presentation platform

2.1 The personal login details do not give any person other than the employee the right to use the respective presentation platform.
2.2 A permanent e-mail address is required for registration. The use of a temporary or ‘disposable’ e-mail address is expressly prohibited. Disposable e-mail addresses are reassigned to other users after they are ‘discarded’, allowing unauthorised persons to access the participant’s account.
2.3 The employee undertakes to keep these details secret and/or to prevent their misuse: personal login details, discount vouchers and promotional codes.
2.4 If loss occurs, the employee will receive new personal login details.
2.5 The employee may never use the employee presentation benefits to resell the competitively priced products or services that he/she has acquired, particularly through online auctions and in similar ways.
2.6 If breach of contract occurs, the employee’s access can be terminated immediately.
2.7 Upon leaving the company, the employee must ensure that his/her account is deleted. This does not change the fact that the administrator(s) may revoke access at any time. If there is any doubt, the further use of the presentation platform may be made dependent on producing proof of employment.
2.8 To use the presentation platform, employees must be at least 16 years old or have written permission from their parents or legal guardians.
2.9 Access to the presentation platform can be revoked and the relevant account can be deleted if the employee has not visited the presentation platform for five years.

3. Contracts between suppliers and employees

3.1 The presentation platform is a virtual marketplace in that it provides a framework for initial contact between an interested employee and a seller.
3.2 All other matters, including but not limited to the conclusion of a sales contract, delivery of goods and services, returns and warranties, occur exclusively and strictly between the employee and the supplier without the direct or indirect participation of a third party – usually through the supplier’s own website, e-mail correspondence or other direct communication between the supplier and employee.

4. Warranties

4.1 No warranty is given, explicitly or implicitly, regarding the correctness of the information provided by suppliers, the behaviour and performance of the suppliers, or their goods and services available through the presentation platform. In addition, no warranty is given, explicitly or implicitly, regarding the correctness and completeness of the content of the information and statements of suppliers, the actual availability, quality and feasibility of their goods and services, the suitability of the goods and services for a particular purpose, or that these services do not infringe any third-party rights.
4.2 No warranty is given, explicitly or implicitly, regarding the actual discounts granted by suppliers or the savings to be made by the employee.
4.3 Since contracts between employees and suppliers on the presentation platform are only concluded directly between them, any warranty and other claims should only be asserted within this relationship. If there is any doubt, the employee should contact the supplier directly.

5. Vouchers at Work

5.1 General

Notwithstanding Articles 3 and 4, the following provisions apply to the vouchers that an employee purchases on the web page Vouchers at Work.

5.2 Purchase of Vouchers

5.2.1 The employee purchases a voucher for an offer from one of the suppliers on the presentation platform. Payment for this voucher is made online at the time of purchase. This online payment facility is provided by a financial partner who is exclusively responsible for it.
5.2.2 The purchase of products or services from a supplier with this voucher occurs entirely outside the presentation platform, in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed between the employee and the supplier. The presentation platform is not a contractual party to this purchase and therefore cannot be held liable by the employee or partner supplier for its fulfilment, nor does the presentation platform give any warranty or after-sales service in relation to this purchase. If the employee has any complaints or comments relating to the purchase of a product or service from a supplier, he/she must approach that supplier directly.

5.3 Warranties

5.3.1 When purchasing a voucher, it is warranted that the employee will be eligible for the benefit advertised on the presentation platform that applies to the purchase of a product and/or service from the relevant supplier, under the terms and conditions that the employee can find for this voucher on the presentation platform. No other warranties are provided.
5.3.2    Although the presentation platform does its utmost to attract professional suppliers, it cannot provide any warranties regarding their contractual attitude, after-sales service and/or solvency. The presentation platform allows suppliers to advertise their offers under the best conditions but has no influence over the content of these offers and cannot give any warranties relating to these offers, including the information provided by the supplier and the quality, suitability and/or availability of these offers.

5.4 Right of withdrawal

5.4.1    Under Article VI53, 1 and 13 of the Belgian Economic Law Code, the employee has no right of withdrawal when purchasing a voucher. This is logical, as the employee is immediately given the code to use the benefit associated with the voucher. By registering, the employee has consented with immediate effect to the loss of this right of withdrawal.     

5.5. Liability

5.5.1    If it transpires, after purchasing a voucher, that the employee is not entitled to the advertised benefit when purchasing a product or service from the relevant supplier under the terms and conditions stated for that voucher, the presentation platform will refund the purchase price of the voucher. The liability of the presentation platform is limited to that amount.
5.5.2    The presentation platform pays the utmost attention and care to the content of this website. However, this content is subject to change, can be removed at any time, and is presented without any explicit or implicit warranties regarding its accuracy. The presentation platform therefore is not liable for damage or loss that arises from using its content, regardless of whether this has turned out to be correct or incorrect, nor for damage or loss caused by the use or distribution of this content.
5.5.3    The presentation platform does its utmost to be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, in view of the technical characteristics of the internet and of IT resources, and of the need to periodically perform maintenance, updates or upgrades, the presentation platform cannot warrant uninterrupted access and services. If a normal and acceptable interruption or disruption of the access or services occurs, the presentation platform will do its utmost to remedy this situation as soon as possible. Such normal and acceptable interruptions or disruptions are inherent to online services and cannot be regarded as our failure.
5.5.4    Notwithstanding the other provisions of these general terms and conditions and/or provisions of mandatory law, the presentation platform is liable only for the foreseeable damage or loss that is a direct result of a failure attributable to it. The presentation platform cannot be held liable to compensate any indirect or consequential damage or loss, such as damage because of not having access to a product or service, damage because of the loss of a discount, saving or benefit, damage because of the loss or damage of data, etc.

6. Other general provisions

6.1. These conditions for use are subject to Belgian law.
6.2. The Justice of the Peace Court of the first subdistrict of Hasselt, the Limburg Court of First Instance (Hasselt division) or the Antwerp Enterprise Court (Hasselt division) are competent to hear any disputes, each in accordance with their own material jurisdiction.